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Day 43 – Chon Buri to Rayong via Pattaya

Last 10 kms of the day were a killer. We only did 127km today but I am feeling a little faint and earlier I had the urge to vomit. Making it to the finish line was hard. Originally I thought today’s ride was going to be 105 kms and fairly  flat. It was neither. I think it was our hilliest day since way back in Chumphon and we were not ready for it. We left later than normal, and mentally I was expecting mostly flat terrain.

Also, the route we took had a section of 2-3 hours alongside truck traffic, which was loud and irritating. There was a lovely big shoulder and the trucks gave us a wide berth, but it was still not beautiful riding. Anyway, it is done now and I just stuffed myself with 3 servings of German cheese and sausage with potatoes, onions, and capsicums. Total cost $15 but well worth it. BUDGET BLOWN FOR TODAY.

I’m tired, I have a headache, and I need sleep. Tomorrow will be an easy 50-60kms with a late start I think. That distance will get us half way to Chantaburi.

Will add more tomorrow when I feel better.

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