Great Days, On The Road

Day 94 – Mueang Sukhothai

Today a couple of things happened. First, I was feeling totally normal again and our cycling was back where it was, which was good news since we’ve got so many hills ahead of us.

Second, we had a guy wave us down and on the side of the road in the city and tell us he had been following us on Facebook. I think we might be going out for a ride with him later today if we feel up to it.

Third, some local crashed their motorbike into another motorbike about 30 metres up the road from us. Natt thinks it was because the driver was too busy looking at our Hase Pino Tour bicycle. We were just pulling up to visit a 7 Eleven for water and heard the crash, BANG!

If we caused someone to crash, it wouldn’t be the first time. Hours before, on the same day, a car nearly run up the ass of another and one drove right up onto the sidewalk. That was kind of funny because there was not much danger and the car just bumped around a bit.

So we had an eventful day. The cycling was good, we had a tail-ish-wind for the first 40kms which gave us an average of 26-29kms per hour for that portion. Overall, we did a solid 22.5km/h for the full 72kms, so I was pretty happy.

We opted to stay near the historical park, which is 10km plus out of town. We plan to get up early tomorrow, which will be another day off, and ride the bicycle around and get some photos of the ancient city ruins. Hopefully, we’ll get there before the hordes arrive in their buses.

Had a mini-pizza for lunch, it was ok, nothing to write home about. Will write some more later. We’re taking it easy and relaxing now. Tomorrow we plan to visit the historical park proper.

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