On The Road

Day 111-112 across the top of Chiang Mai

My neck is covered in mosquito bites, hundreds of them. Ok, maybe just tens, but it’s crazy because I cannot find the mosquitoes. Side note – I’ve had a bottle of wine and the bites *might* be imaginary.

Anyway, yesterday we pushed our bicycle over the tallest hill we’ve faced so far, it was a pain in the ass. I don’t like riding up hills where the grade is steeper than my legs can handle. It is UN-FUN.

I don’t mind hills, I just hate them when they don’t build them the way I like them. So the downhill was also too steep and made for un-fun downhill riding. I would prefer a longer, much longer downhill, with a steepness just enough to keep me from having to pedal. Is that too much to ask?

The good news is I’m a little drunk. The bad news is the bicycle is playing up in the lowest gears, it’s skipping and jumping and it’s only started since (no idea says Natt) Chiang Rai. I don’t understand how it started. Natt cleaned the bike and now it’s broke.

Tomorrow, Natt and I will use our superior bicycle mechanic skills to make it all better (or possibly worse). We are at Mae Taeng which is at the bottom of 7 days of hell cycling through the biggest hills in Thailand.

I look forward to 8 days from now when it is all over and Natt will be happy again since the hills are completed. I too wish the hills to piss off. We think we may take a 2-day kayaking trip to break up the crazy hilliness.

I’m happy and also looking forward to stop cycling. It’s been awesome, but it’s also been a long time. Next time will someone please remind me that 2 months is plenty enough and anything more just becomes work :p

Ok, going to drink the last bit of my lonely bottle of wine with no cheese.

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