On The Road

Day 100 Celebration – Mueang Phrae to Mueang Nan

Distance: 6,659.9 km
Provinces: 56
Days: 100

It’s been #56 provinces and we arrived in Nan today. We were prepared for steep hills and a hard ride and although today was long at 120 kms the hills were manageable.

So we’re heading into the hills, apparently the ride to Phayao is 45kms of mostly UP to the border. I’ve looked at the charts and we’ve got a long 10-15 down/fall section in the middle. So I think it might be like today or it might be slightly worse. I guess only a few days of cycling will let us know.

The cycling is getting easier, the ride is getting harder. Natt and I have been living in each others pockets for 100 days. So that is 2,400 hours that we’ve been together. We are both enjoying the ride but also sometimes I think a little time apart would be great.

It’s hard, because when I normally ride by myself and I’m grumpy or hot or bothered, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t talk to myself and I don’t snap at myself, but recently we’ve been snapping at each other much more than we normally would.

Usually we’re happy and laughing and we have time to miss each other, but after 2,400 hours we don’t miss each other, we cannot get away from each other. It’s not that it’s a major problem or anything, as in a couple of months it will all be over. Life will return to normalcy and we’ll be wishing we were cycling again in no time.

Anyway just thought I’d give people a heads up that 100 days on the road is hard work, not just for your legs but also for you friendship. In the past we’ve had separate bikes and could have some ‘space’ when we cycle, and that obviously is not an option on this bike, on this trip.

We arrived at a guest house which is an old Thai style house. It’s very large and all made of wood, it’s very nice. This is the kind of guest house that I would like to own. Something with a dozen rooms, classic style and still a little classy.

It might not have all of the comforts of 5-star hotel, but it’s got a great vibe. The only downside of these old wooden houses is you can hear everything from outside. A long time ago, before cars, trucks, and motorbikes you would have heard the trees, birds, wind, and rain, but in today’s world, at least in a city, you hear traffic. FUCKING TRAFFIC.

The road today was light on traffic, it is a Saturday morning and we are in a little corner of Thailand. The traffic reminded me of cycling back down in Pattani and Narathiwat. There was limited traffic there like there is here, or at least that is what it felt like to me today.

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