Natt and Paul get their Tandem Bicycle!

Thanks to Corbett Rowell and his team at Velocity Racers in Hong Kong we managed to get ahold of this Hase Pino Tour.  A semi-recumbent tandem where the captain is in a typical cycling position and the stoker enjoys the comfort of the recumbent position. We tried one of these in Canberra in early 2010 at Flying Furniture Cycles and we loved it. The main reason Natt liked it was that she arrives at every destination before me. But honestly, the best benefit was that it is very easy to chat to each other while riding, making it a much more social and enjoyable journey.

We will keep you posted about the bike, the problems we experience, our personal modifications, and obviously the things we love about it as we ride it around Thailand. We’ve got 6 months to get some tandem practice in before the start of the Every Province Challenge. I think a few overnight 200km practice runs are in order.


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