First Draft of Every Province Challenge Jersey Arrives

Today we received the first draft of our cycling jersey. Since one of main goals of the adventure, besides visiting every province in Thailand (plus getting fit and having an unique experience), is the growth and development of the Your Thai Guide business for mine and Natt’s future we decided to get some promotional jerseys made.

As you can see the jerseys show off Your Thai Guide more than the Every Province Challenge. That’s important as we travel the country and make videos talking about our trip and also the amazing tourist attractions along the way, giving as much exposure as possible to this future brand. We’re both not personally in to over-the-top logo branding and crazy color patterns, so we chose something that was quiet enough that you can wear it all of the time, but still hopefully gets the message across. I mean the objective of Your Thai Guide is to provide quality, high-class guide services at a reasonable price and I personally think that this jersey conveys that message.

This is not the final draft. We have a couple of tasteful logos to go on the back, including Bicycle Thailand and Embassy Freight Thailand. This design is about 70% complete but still requires the moving and reshaping of some of the logos and artwork. I’ll post an update once we have the final version so everyone can see. We are getting excited.

We posted this design on our [f] and already had two preorders, which is lovely. So until the middle of March 2012 if you’d like one of these jerseys we can hook you up for A$49.95, which includes delivery to anywhere in the world. Don’t worry if you read this in the future and have missed out on this opportunity. We’ll surely be printing more jerseys over time and will also likely have them for sale at Bicycle Thailand in their online shop.

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