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Day 141 – Ayutthaya and the end is near.

I must admit I’ve lost enthusiasm to write my stories, I’ve lost it go out and visit tourist attractions. Basically I just want to get to Bangkok and for it two be over.

We’re only 300km from Bangkok and decided two do it in 3 days, just to get it done. We’re looking forward to being back somewhere where we don’t have to pack our bags everyday.

We ready to get back into Bangkok like after this massive trip, it’s be fun, it’s been enjoyable, it’s been hard but most of all we have done it together. Even when we weren’t happy with something, when things where hot, wet, tired, grumpy, hilly and all the other shit things about the riding happen we did it together.

I know from experience that all the bad memories will fad away, all the problems we either turn into funny stories or forgotten. The good memories will last forever and the rest will just be crazy stories that happened to us along the way.

We will laugh about stupid fights, we will reminisce about good times and the people we met. The adventure will setting in our brains and we will have something that can never be taken away from us.

Natt will most likely be the first Thai and female to cycle to every amphoe mueang around Thailand all 76 plus one. She will most like not go down in history books but together we will have something to share until the day death tears us apart.

Only 300km left, it sounds like so little, the whole trip does not sounds like much when you look back all the day spent telling myself it was good idea. All the time wondering why I decided to do this and why on earth Natt agreed.

One thing that has kept us going has been the support from other cyclists we meet, we’ve had so much support from them, it can only make you feel good about what your doing.

They faith in it being a great trip has helped make it one, their envy has made me remember that I am very luck to have 5 months, 250,000 Baht and a crazy wife who would do it with me.

I am looking forward to our arriving into Bangkok, it will be early than expected October 21st but we will still be having our last ride, our Hase Pino Tour will goto storage in Nonthaburi for 15 days until the final ride, I hope we don’t forget how to ride it.

Saraburi tomorrow, 50kms… if we arrive early maybe we’ll drive a TANK. I’ll explain that tomorrow.

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