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Day 128 and 129 – Theon / Mueang Tak

Day 128 – Theon

Theon is a dive, it’s a town with no decent hotel and truck runway down the middle and nothing remarkable. The only good thing about today was the 20 or so riders that cam out with us from lampangbike.com and cycled with us for 25kms.

They where a great and friendly bunch like so many other cyclists we’ve met, we chatted and road, took plenty of photographs and had a great time. They left us at Hug You and sheep petting place, which sells sheep milk drinks (was pretty tasty) and a weird kind of Thai tourism.

We had a good day, it was overcast and cool with little hills. It was all cycled on major highway one but it was very low on traffic, with a huge wide shoulder.

Day 129 – almost Mueang Tak

On the news was cyclone warning a few hundred kilometres away in Vietnam, it was prediced to move westwards towards our location with clouds and rain. Yay, we thought this meant cloudy skies. No, it did not.

We thought it was going to be flat and shady, it was rolling hills and very sunny. So it was long riding, we only did 91kms but it felt like a million and it was the fourth day in row which I always find very hard. Hate 4 days in a row, should not do it again.

So we cycled, we followed the freeway for along way, there is little choice, it is also a route we have cycled before on the Tour de Thailand chairty ride, so it was kind of familiar, it did bring back some of the fun memories, of that ride, ncie group of poeple, social breaks and chit chat along the way.

Very different cycling tour to a self supported touring, more people around and definitely more beers at the end of the day. One think I don’t like about organied tours is the late starts, 8 or 9am is just to late, because you’ve missed many hours of cool cycling time. That’s my opinion.

So tonight we had an offer to stay with P’Toon and her family just outside of Tak town, we don’t like to impose on people but she was very insistent. So planned to spend one night at their place. So we cycled down the river and we find lady cycling towards us, it was P’Toon.

Her and her husband is the nicest of couples, their children all grown up and used to active cyclists not enjoying the quiet atmosphere of their home. So we arrived, had a cold drink and were fed. THANKYOU. Had a little chat and then we retired for a shower and to write some notes and answer some emails.

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