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Day 126 – Past Mueang Lamphun

Today we left Chiang Mai, I don’t mind the city I like it a little more each time I visit but I can remember the first time I visited didn’t think much of it at all.

We visited TAT Office, then cycled towards Natt aunties house, and past it. That was not the plan so we had to sidetrack an extra who knows 20kms to pick up our stuff we had stored with her. Our kit we didn’t need to lighten the load for the hills.

We sorted thru the bags and sent back a large chunk of gear, we’ve not been using it for 3 week and managed with out it so, this was our final cull before we head towards Bangkok.

We planned to stay in Lamphun and do a massive 40km today but with the sidetrack getting lost on the way and the limited accomodation in Lamphun (I guess it’s too close to Chiang Mai) we ended up doing 85kms, I think.

We had hoped to visit Chiang Mai Life Construction, people to specialize in earthern and bamboo construction of some very funky stuff, but they had an important client to deal with today and we need to get rolling, so it’s going to have to happen next time we’re in Bangkok and have more time.

I have started 1 months, heathly living diet for the last month into Bangkok. No beer, no white man food, no snacks, no softdrink (ok maybe Coke Zero). So that leaves Thai food, water and sugar free chewying gum.

We will be arriving in Bangkok a couple of days before my 40th Birthday and for a very long time I have been planning to be a healthy weight range before my Birthday it was one of the secret hidden benefits of the ride.

But I’m keen to get my weight sub 85kgs by the time I arrive, this would be very close to my weight back in 1997, a good 15 years ago. And hopefully setting myself up with a simple plan to remain as close to 85kgs forever.

Sounds a little crazy, but I’ve long thought my 40th would be a point of refference for my future. Using my weight on my birthday as as a benchmark for the years to come after that.

So I expect to grumpy and hungry a lot over this last month, we’ve got 1,250 kms to go and I know that it will be very easy for me to drop 4 kgs is I pay attention to my food and most importantly stop eating crap.

So there you have it, my last months of riding, I will hopefully use my big leg muscles to burn away the midsection and arrive at the ideal weight maximum weight for my height… 85kgs.

Tomorrow we cycle 60km to Lampang, we will spend a night there, then continue southwards to Thoen and then Mueang Tak on a route that I’ve mostly done before with the Tour de Thailand annual charity ride.

After that we’ll be a province #63 basically the last 14 are all one day or less apart so I think it should be pretty easy to make it to Bangok, touch wood. Unless massive bicycle failure or something crazy happens to us on the roads.

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