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Day 15 – Beer

Natt and I with the Tourism Authority of Thailand Office Manager in Trang

Today was only 25kms on the bicycle. We hit Trang and ordered pizza and a beer. Well that is not exactly how it happened, but with the beer in my hand right now it sure does feel like it.

We rode into town, it was hilly, 110 metre over just 25kms, which means it was hillier than yesterday and I’m very glad we didn’t keep riding yesterday. This morning my ass was very sore. I think I need to adjust the new seat, but I have not taken the tool down to the bicycle to do so. I think it’s a must after I have a little afternoon nap.

I’ve got a cold. So far it’s in my chest and I hope it does not get any worse. I’m assuming it’s from crappy old air-conditioners in some of these hotel rooms we’ve been staying, I could be wrong. We have been cavorting with lots of people over the last week, maybe one of those people gave it to me.

We spent an hour or so trying to find a hotel or guesthouse in Trang, one that would fit our bicycle in. We loved the Sri-Trang Hotel but it was fully booked. Good for them and bad for us, so we ended up staying at some dive called Trang Hotel. The Trang Hotel was probably very nice 50 years ago but I’m guessing they’ve not renovated since it opened.

So the Sri-Trang has pizza, something I’ve wanted for the past couple of weeks. I finally found something that looks kind of like an Aussie pizza which is great, but now the heat and the beer is hitting me and I’m very sleepy.

We will ride to Krabi over the next 2 days, it’s about 140kms away and we need to keep moving forward to make it to the wedding. We found one decent bicycle shop in downtown area, it was an LA Bicycle shop but it looked good and it had some decent bicycles and a workshop.

Natt has been a little grumpy because when we coast in and pull up to shops and hotels many people there think she’s just sitting on the front of the bicycle and not contributing to the cycling. I can understand how many of these people might think that, they’ve NEVER seen a recumbent bicycle. Anyway I’ve tried to get her to relax about it, it’s made her grumpy on a couple of occasions. I keep telling her people are idiots but that does not seam to help.

We are off to send a postcard to Mum and Dad, then off for an afternoon Nanna nap, it’s been a little hard since we’ve also been working on YourThaiGuide booking tour guides and making travel arrangement for people as we move around the country with limited internet access and some excessive tiredness from cycling. It’s been hard to do it all as properly as we’d like, but we are getting better at it.

LATER. BED TIME (1:08pm)

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