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Day 45 – Rayong (somewhere) to Chanthaburi

Late start, easy ride. Couple of slow days has really helped. Only 70 kms tomorrow and then we reach Trat, hopefully it’s not too hilly. We have found a nice cheap place for 350 Baht. It has Wi-fi, clean rooms, and best of all somewhere to put the bicycle. And it’s run by friendly people, so that makes me very happy.

I think we might stay here two nights and get some washing done. It’s so much cheaper (and hopefully there is no disco outside at 9pm) than last night’s hotel and presumably more quiet, but I will let you know more about that tomorrow.

Leaving at 7:30am is very strange with the 1.5 cool morning hours gone it makes the day feel longer, but it was nice to have a second day of sleeping in a bit late. I think leaving a bit late is possible if you only intend to ride for 4 hours and can arrive to your destination around lunchtime. But, if you plan to ride for 6 hours on the bike then I think a 6:00 am start time is a much better idea.

Nothing much else to report today. Oh… we did pick up a couple of local riders for about 10kms, they gave us some tips on the route for today which definitely improved our ride. Thanks! I’m not too keen sometimes of people extending local area knowledge… but sometimes it does pay off. I’ve noticed that many people don’t know more than 10 kms (at most but more likely 5 kms) from their home or workplace. I’ve disappointingly been pointed towards a big main road or a highway more times than I can remember. Thanks, but no thanks.

So we finally arrived, ate 2nd lunch, and have just returned to our little hotel after pigging out at KFC. I was really hungering for cheese/wine/bread or pizza but the mashed potatoes from KFC definitely hit the spot.

We’ve decided to stay here for 2 days and look around the town a bit since neither of us have ever been here before. It will also give us a chance to visit the local bicycle shops and get GPS locations and addresses for BicycleThailand.com.

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